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Life is good when you are the Queen...

Throughout her lifetime, a woman wears many hats. Daughter. Friend. Student. Girlfriend. Career woman. Wife. Lover. Mother. Aunt. Mentor. Grandmother. Yet, after the age of 40 one role seems to be preferred. Of the population of women who are 40+ and single, 71 percent of them are “not looking” for a mate. Whether solo by choice or by circumstances, they are opting for singlehood as they get older. I am one such woman and this blog is dedicated to all of us.

This next chapter of our lives is about reinvention and self-reflection. Wherever you are on your journey, you’re welcome here. As soon as it’s safe to do so, I’ll be returning to traveling well. I will also be looking for interesting women to spotlight on the site, whether real or fictional (please see The Significance of Shirley Valentine).

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This is our time to shine. Being fulfilled does not require a plus one. Listen to your inner queen and give her what she needs to live her best, authentic life, unapologetically.



My name is Corinne Kovalsky and I have been telling stories whether as a journalist or PR professional for all my adult life. My storytelling has run the gamut from politics and global events to horizon technology and leadership profiles. Now, my “once upon a time” is focused on a “happily ever after” where compromise is a four-letter word.

It’s about seeking out inspiration as a single woman of a certain age. I travel alone and well. Music is one of my favorite solo acts, and I believe a table for one is the ideal size if the sommelier is nearby.

Corinne Kovalsky